About Us.

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”
– Peter Drucker

Our culture is LEVEL5. A level beyond other cultures.

It’s a high performance environment where people are expected to do their best work… and are inspired to do so.

Building inspired growth strategies aligned to business realities is the world in which we work. LEVEL5 is a culture of challenge, learning… and leadership. We measure our success by the growth our clients experience with an ownable competitive advantage.

LEVEL5 is a culture of challenge, learning… and leadership… in a context of strategic initiatives for business.
There are 5 qualities to a LEVEL5 culture: Drive, Openness, Integrity, Collaboration and Accountability. Put those 5 values into a statement and what we have to say is “We work hard… alone and together… to think, plan and do by applying SMART BRAVE ACTION™. We are open to all people and possibilities. We do what we say we will. We do the right thing. And we are accountable for results.”

It’s a testament to our values that working with LEVEL5… for even a short period of time… is a sought-after assignment for many of the best and brightest young people. You can meet them in our hallways, at recruiting events or judging university case competitions. You can work alongside them in our community initiatives, whether it be organizing summer camp days or hosting a holiday party at the Waterfront Neighbourhood Centre.

Ours is a spirited culture in which there is no shortage of laughter and friendship. Our culture is the glue that holds us together.

Our brand is our culture.

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