Celebrating 17 Years of Level5

On March 29, we celebrated the 17th annual Level5 Day.  We use this day every year as an opportunity to reflect on the history of Level5 – how we got here and the culture we’ve built along the way.

L5 was founded in 2002 by David Kincaid to shift the paradigm of how brands are treated in the business world, demonstrating that they are not just marketing tools but important CEO-level strategic assets. From K-Inc Marketing Management to Level5 Strategic Brand Advisors to Level5 Strategy Group, the firm has undergone a steady evolution over the years.  Today, we are an end-to-end strategy firm specializing in developing brand-guided strategy to understand what drives customers to act – we embed this expertise throughout our process, all the way from research and insights through to implementation and organizational transformation.

We kicked off the celebration with L5 trivia – congratulations to Director Rob Gizzie for earning the prestigious title of Level5 Historian!

To follow that up, we gave out some “most likely to…” awards through popular vote, asking important questions on individuality that prompted many animated discussions.

The rest of the afternoon was filled with food, drinks, and team bonding activities. All in all, we enjoyed breaking bread together over a well-deserved break from our daily work. But beyond that, Level5 Day 2019 was a way for us to celebrate our people, our history, and our culture. This event has reminded us to appreciate what we’ve built and set our sights high while we continue to grow into the future.

On behalf of the L5 team, we can’t wait to see what our 18th year has to offer.

By: Richard Wang, Analyst