L5 Spotlight: “Come with An Open Mind to Maximize Your Learnings”, Conversation with Rob Gizzie, Director

Rob is a Director at Level5, where he leads the Customer Experience Strategy practice. Using new, innovative research tools to gain a deeper understanding of customers’ needs and attitudes, Rob works with clients across multiple sectors to not only define their Promise, but bring it to life at every touchpoint along their customer journey. Prior to joining Level5 in 2014 as an Analyst, Rob received his BBA at Schulich School of Business and worked in Experiential Marketing at TD Bank.

I went into consulting because… I wanted to work in a dynamic environment where I could constantly learn. I was also looking to find a role where I was able to work closely with and learn from senior leaders with a wealth of experience I could draw from.

I love working at Level5 because… I got the things I was searching for above! Since I’ve started, I have been faced with new challenges and opportunities to tackle with each client I work with. As I have grown within the company, I have also been given opportunities to take on greater responsibility either as a consultant, mentor or leader at the firm.  In the past several years I’ve had the opportunity to play a leading role in building out Level5’s Customer Experience Strategy practice – working with other Level5 team members to translate Level5’s existing philosophy into the world of customer experience and building the tools and frameworks that support it. As well, I am surrounded by very smart, intellectual colleagues at all levels within the team, each bringing a different skillset to learn from and contribute to. The people here at Level5 are great and I love spending time with them.

My proudest accomplishment was… creating a new practice at Level5 for Customer Experience that our clients love. Customer Experience means many things to different people, but we have defined our own unique perspective around what Customer Experience means to an organisation and how to connect it back to their most important asset – their brand.

I balance my professional and personal responsibilities by… getting ahead. Consulting hours can go up and down, so this means trying to take advantage of slower times to work ahead on firm related work or start on deliverables due later on. Managing my time and staying organized helps create a more consistent schedule and ensures I have time for myself and what I like to do, such as reading or playing hockey.  

I’m known for… my love of listening to history podcasts, watching too much sports, and my experience working on Customer Experience projects.

I stay motivated by… finding new challenges and opportunities within the firm and through client work to take on more responsibility. Opportunities are not always going to present themselves, so it’s about taking the initiative to look for them yourself. I also enjoy working with our newer Analysts and helping them grow and develop their skills as consultants.

My toughest challenge thus far has been… learning to calibrate my working style to fit those that I’m working with. This has taught me to read the client’s personality, to understand their context and to ensure that not only what we’re doing, but how we’re doing it suits them and the way that they operate. There is never one right way to approach a problem, but rather there are multiple ways in which we can work with our client that best fits their needs. It is important to think about this right from the onset of any project to ensure we create a positive working relationship from the get-go.

My best advice to aspiring consultants is… that attitude goes a long way. Come with an open mind and you’ll be able to maximize what you get out of consulting. A positive attitude is contagious and it will encourage others to want to work with you.

The one thing I wish I knew before starting in consulting was… managing up is everything learning to manage various seniors at once is a very important skill that takes time to learn and develop. This applies to your clients, but also your Managers and Partners too.

I think the most important quality of a good consultant is… taking initiative.

In 5 years, I see myself… hopefully wiser and with more grey hairs.