A Recap of Level5’s 2018 Open House Event – Our Advice to Students Going Into the Recruitment Process

On August 20, 2018, Level5 welcomed a group of inquisitive students to our newly renovated office for the annual Open House event. Ian Madell, President and Managing Partner of Level5, kicked off the event with opening remarks, speaking to Level5’s history from its origination 16 years ago to where it is today.

After the team introduced themselves, students were assigned to separate breakout rooms where they had the opportunity to participate in panel discussions and get a better idea of what it’s like to work at Level5. Among the topics covered included our culture, the work we do for our clients, and the lessons we’ve learned through our careers in consulting. Students were particularly interested in learning about the opportunities around transformation work, which is becoming an increasingly important part of L5’s service offering.

As the panels drew to an end, everyone came together again to network and connect. Students had the chance to ask their burning follow-up questions, and Level5 was able to meet and get to know many of the wonderful people who came out to our event. It was a night of learning and laughing, and we hope that our guests were able to get a feel of the culture that we pride ourselves on so much.

With recruiting on the minds of many students as they head back to school this fall, here’s some advice from us:

1. Be yourself.

Remember that recruiting is a two-way street, and cultural fit is crucial for both students and firms as they evaluate each other. Good cultural fit leads to greater job satisfaction, increased retention rates, and overall higher-quality work. Most importantly, it’s often what makes you look forward to going to work every morning. Culture is in everything we do here, from the hard work and impact-driven results we produce, to the laughter and camaraderie in the office on any given day.

2. Put yourself out there.

Companies can only get to know you if you make yourself known, and it’s important to do that so you’re not just another name on a resume. Step outside your comfort zone and reach out to representatives from firms you’re interested in. Talk about your goals and your interests. It helps a lot to have people inside the firm on your side, and having a personality attached to your application does a great deal to differentiate you from other equally qualified candidates.

3. Don’t stress out.

It’s easy to get caught up in a whirlwind of expectations, especially when recruiting season is in full swing and your peers are all scrambling to find jobs. Don’t worry if you don’t find a fit right away; companies are recruiting throughout the year and it doesn’t matter if you’re the first in your class to sign an offer or the hundredth. As long as you keep things in perspective and stay motivated no matter how bleak it looks, things will eventually work out.

Level5 would like to thank all the students who attended, and we wish everyone the best of luck as the new semester begins. Be sure to keep an eye on your university’s career services calendar to find out when Level5 will be at your next on-campus recruitment event!

By: Selina Phan, Analyst Intern and Richard Wang, Analyst