Summer Internship at Level5

Summers always fly by, but this one’s felt especially fast due to the pace and pleasure of working with Level5.

The People

Every organization talks a lot about culture these days and Level5 is no exception. The difference is that here, you can feel it. From my first case interview to my end of Summer debrief, everyone has been exceptionally friendly and outgoing. The team here is tight-knit, and you get to meet them outside of the office early and often. On my first day I was out for lunch at St. Lawrence Market with my cubicle mates, and by the end of that week, found myself dueling the consultants over arcade games. Each new recruit has a mentor to oversee their overall progress; it was always good to have Frank to go to with general questions. To train as a consultant, the learning process more closely resembles a series of apprenticeships, with different L5’ers teaching you distinct aspects of the job as you encounter clients with their own set of challenges.

Another key benefit is the team composition: each project is “owned” by a Partner, facilitated by a project lead (often a Principal, Director or Manager) and driven by Consultants and Analysts, putting you in touch with expertise at every stage of a consulting career. Each client has a specific need to address, and every partner has a unique background and managing style. Adapting to this is sometimes challenging, but always a rewarding learning experience, made easier as everyone is so open and approachable. There’s a down-to-earth atmosphere at Level5 that I was pleasantly surprised to discover in the finance district.

The Projects

Companies must be catching on to this, because my next favorite thing about the internship was the list of clients I was introduced to. After expressing interest in the travel, I was attached to a primary Summer project: brand transformation for a leading North American travel operator. The project was certainly research heavy, but I was also brought in to collaborate on strategic frameworks, join interviews and board meetings, and even help articulate our main findings. At every stage I felt like a valued member of the team – my only regret is that I won’t be around to see it through to the end.

However, working at a boutique firm, it’s inevitable that you’ll have the opportunity to work on a variety of projects. I was able to work in the public, private, and not-for-profit sectors, with clients that included one of Canada’s top retailers, an innovator in the Health industry, and a local sports organization. At this company, you will take on multiple roles that allows you to gain valuable experience in different areas, quickly. For me, this provided the balance I was looking for. Level5 is good at noticing when you take on these additional tasks. Going above and beyond is recognized informally, and formally, over a Kudos lunch at the end of every month. In that spirit, I’d like to thank them for an exceptional Summer.

By: Alexander Czegledy, Intern Analyst (Summer 2018)