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Enterprise Strategy

Why Your Brand Needs to Embrace Inclusive Design Thinking

Businesspeople are placing blocks

The New 4Ps that Power Brand Value: Why People, Process, IP and Partnership Must Be on Every CEO’s Radar

Doing Business Like a Woman – The Triumphs, the Challenges and the Rewards

People are running to the target, which is handled by the businessman, with their strategic ideas.

The Best Plans Start At The End: Starting with the Destination Creates More Actionable, Transformative Plans

A lightbulb with the words "Brand" handwritten inside it.

History Lessons In Driving Brand Value: What the Golden Age of Brand Management Can Teach Today’s CEOs

A man places a heart along the row of stars to indicate customer satisfaction

Promises Made, Promises Kept:
How To Develop Your Customer Centricity in 2021

A group of co-workers are collaborating in the background blurred with a pair of glasses in focus.

6 Principles to Guard Against a
Do Nothing Strategy

Jenga blocks fall after the wrong block is pulled.

10 Reasons Why Your Strategic Plan Was Built to Fail

The cover page of Brandi Leifso's interview.

From Women’s Shelter to Vogue:
EVIO Beauty Founder Talks About How She Leveraged CSR Strategy to Create a Successful Beauty Brand

A brandtag with the words "The Brand-Driven CEO: Embedding Brand into Business Strategy, David Kincaid"

David Kincaid’s New Book Shows CEOs How to Harness the Power of Brand

Building a Brand Movement

Episode 12: Building an Unconventional Brand with Carinne Chambers-Saini, Part 2: What it Takes to Build and Refine a Strong, Unconventional Brand Through a Movement

Episode 11: Building an Unconventional Brand with Carinne Chambers-Saini, Part 1: A Journey of Resilience, Passion, and Determination

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