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Enterprise Strategy

Building an Unconventional Brand Requires a Movement: An Interview with Carinne Chambers-Saini

Keep it Simple, and Keep it Consistent: Why Brands That Consistently Deliver on Their Promise Today Will Recover Faster Tomorrow

Customer Centricity:
A Three-Part Series on Building a Customer-Centric Organization

Customer Centricity Part 3:
Operationalizing a Customer-Centric Organization

People creating the customer experience framework

Customer Centricity Part 2:
Designing for Customer Needs Where and When It Matters Most

Lots Will Be New, Little Will Be Normal: How COVID-19 Is Making Business Un-Usual

The COVID-19 Playbook; How Leaders Should Focus Efforts Over the Next 7, 30, and 100 Days

The COVID-19 Playbook: How Leaders Should Focus Efforts Over the Next 7, 30, and 100 Days

The Three Key Success Factors That Will Decide the Winners of Cannabis Retail

What does it take to Build a Powerful Control Label Brand?

How Sustainability is becoming a key Ingredient in Fashion Brands' Promise to Brands

How Sustainability is Becoming a Key Ingredient in Fashion Brands’ Promise to Consumers

AI is impacting the future of retail

AI is impacting the future of retail. Are you ready?

L5 Perspective: Capturing The Moments of Truth Along the Customer Journey

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