Global Reach.

Business is global. Is yours?

Borderless strategy for a boundless world

The whole wide world is a level playing field for commerce today. If yours is not yet a borderless brand, it could be. But mind the global gap. There’s a gap between countries and cultures (especially business cultures) that must be bridged.

LEVEL5’s global practice starts and ends with multilateral knowledge and understanding. We know Canada. And our business has taken us to the four corners of the earth to negotiate other cultures, languages and complex operating environments.

China, in particular is a strength of ours, thanks to our Managing Partner, Hua Yu, who has spent more than 20 years purposefully assimilating the Chinese and North American cultures into a body of experience and insight.

Whether you want to explore a new market, enter it confidently, or grow your business in a brand new way, our specialized team and our network of strategic partners will help you achieve global brand success.

Different cultures. Different ways of doing business. One understanding of the power of global brands.