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What if you could quantify the most powerful rational and emotional drivers of purchase intent, with a 0.92 correlation to actual behavior?

A Healthy Brand

A Developing Brand

A Distressed Brand

  • It’s a proven fact that the decision to buy is at least 50% emotional – How a brand or organization makes the end user feel
  • BrandMap™ and BrandCards are revolutionary new research tools that help us determine, quantitatively, the most powerful emotional and rational drivers of behavior
  • The BrandMap™ platform has been validated globally across 23 countries and over 1 million consumer interviews – And has been successfully applied across many B2B and B2C sectors, Government, Not-for-Profit, languages and cultures
  • BrandMap™ and BrandCards answer 3 fundamental questions – What are the most powerful drivers of behavior?; How does my brand and those of the competitors map against those drivers?; How should I position my brand for greater success?
  • Our partner Hotspex is #15 on the list of most innovative research companies

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