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This posting opens a new page in LEVEL5’s history: we’re starting a forum!

Four years ago when we launched this website, we were toying with the idea to have our own forum. Perhaps at the time we were too young to have a clear purpose for the forum; perhaps we didn’t have dedicated resources; or maybe we decided that our focus was needed elsewhere – whatever the reasons, the forum remained a fantasy for the last 4 years, a ghost: something that everyone talks of, but no one has actually seen.

Well, today we are witnessing the materialization of the ghost – or the birth of our forum. We have the dedication, we have the resources, and we have a purpose.

We, levelfivers as we call ourselves, believe that there aren’t many places like LEVEL5 in terms of growth and learning opportunities, great culture and camaraderie, and phenomenal experience working with the best brands in the world.
In this forum we will take you on the journey to explore the great things that are LEVEL5. Are you onboard?