White Papers.

The business value we deliver is dependent on the insights we provide. To keep our insights fresh, we engage in an ongoing process of critical thinking around important issues. LEVEL5 Leadership Forums are collaborative think-tanks we host with thought leaders. What we learn, we teach.

The White Papers here offer a cross-section of our learning.

  • Download Customer Centricity – Customer Experience Reimagined (Part 1)
  • Download Our Perspective on Canada’s Growing Cannabis Industry – Retail: The Key to building Cannabis Brands (Part 2) / pdf.
  • Download Our Perspective on Canada’s Growing Cannabis Industry: Crossing the Inflection Point (Part 1) / pdf.
  • Download Navigating the Digital Disconnect: The Role of the Brand-Driven CEO / pdf.
  • DownloadThe Brand-Driven CEO – Embedding Brand Into Business Strategy / pdf.
  • DownloadGrowing Your Brand Margins Through Strategic Partnerships / pdf.
  • DownloadMeasuring Business Performance From the Brand Down / 11/01/14 / pdf.
  • DownloadThe Secret to Profitable Talent Management: Your Brand / pdf.
  • DownloadBrand: The Secret to Success in Commoditized Categories / pdf.
  • DownloadBrand Building for the New CEO / pdf.
  • DownloadFrom C-Suite to the Front Lines / pdf.
  • DownloadThe C-Suite Guide to Social Media / pdf.
  • DownloadDriving Growth & Profitability Through Your People and Brand / pdf.
  • DownloadEmotional Science Behind Effective Branding – A Better Way to Grow Your Branded Business / pdf.
  • DownloadThe New Approach to Winning – Where Brand, Business and Culture Intersect / pdf.
  • DownloadForget Social Media: Think Social Profitability / pdf.
  • DownloadPost-Recession Growth: Is Your Brand Working Hard Enough? / pdf.
  • DownloadThe Future of Brand Management / pdf.