Level5 is Proud to be a Partner in Helping SOOPAK Bring Their Brand Strategy to Life

Level5 congratulates our client, SoOPAK, on the launch of their new website. Head over to www.soopak.com to check it out! 

SoOPAK provides inspirational and simple packaging solutions for customers of all industries and size. After experiencing tremendous growth since opening up shop in Mississauga, Ontario in 2014, the company decided that it was time to ensure that their brand promise reflected their position as North America’s most trustworthy and reliable leader in short-run packaging. 

Level5’s Perspective: There is no such thing as an “unbrandable” industry or organization
SoOPAK brought on Level5 to help develop a customer-centric, brand-driven strategy that will drive profitable, sustainable growth in a very utilitarian, transaction-driven industry. Level5’s perspective (and experience) is that all brands, including those that operate in what many view as “unbrandable” categories, provide a source of differentiation and competitive advantage. Once brand is recognized and managed as a true “company asset”, it can become a significant source of enterprise and shareholder value. SoOPAK is proving that the packaging sector was never “unbrandable”, but merely happened to be unbranded… until now. In fact, the company even has a website tab dedicated to their brand and brand story. 

Soopak website

SoOPAK embarked on the website redesign with its brand strategy and customers in mind. The new website’s goal is to provide visitors a seamless, interactive way to explore cutting-edge packaging designs and full spectrum of solutions. The new design allows for easy accessibility, clear navigation and an enhanced user experience.

Soopak Website Rebrand

SoOPAK’s CEO, Carole Jiang shares, “our new website will extend our geographical reach and allow SoOPAK to deploy our innovative packaging solutions to a broader base of customers. We are thankful for the assistance we received from Level5 Strategy Group in helping us develop an inspiring strategy that drives what we believe is great ownable competitive advantage.”

Level5 looks forward to continuing our work with SoOPAK to unlock the value of their brand. Congratulations on this exciting milestone in your brand journey!

By: Sylvia Palka Melo, Manager

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