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At LEVEL5, we believe a brand is not just a marketing tool but a management asset. It’s the value of a promise consistently kept.

The Tim Hortons ‘RRRoll Up the Rim to Win’ contest has kept a consistent promise to consumers for years. Last Friday, City TV News asked our very own Matt Kelly to share his insights on why Tim Hortons may have broken this brand promise to consumers, and inadvertently compromised the success of the promotion. The issue at hand? Changing the rules to the annual ‘RRRoll Up the Rim to Win’ contest without properly informing Tim’s lovers across Canada that there are in fact TWO chances to win with each cup.

Since this is the second year that Tim Horton’s has offered two chances to win, it’s surprising that not everyone is aware of this opportunity. Here’s a clip of Matt explaining the potential impact of this contest confusion.

How can Tim Hortons fix this broken brand promise to consumers?

At LEVEL5, we believe that “Your brand is your business system” ̶ the all-encompassing DNA that unites the entire organization. So, across all communication and at every touch point of the Tim Horton’s business system, there should be very simple, clear and consistent information on how consumers play the new ‘RRRoll Up the Rim to Win’ contest. By delivering a clear, compelling promise – everyone wins. Consumers, crew-members and Tim Horton’s shareholders.

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