What is Your Organization’s Moon Shot

What is Your Organization's Moon Shot

John Schwartz of the NY Times recently challenged readers in his latest article to consider if the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing could be a metaphor for the type of effort required to galvanize governments, corporations and humanity into successfully confronting the most fundamental issue facing our existence – “the grinding destructiveness of a warming planet” – climate change.

For the American space effort that was competing neck and neck with the Soviet Union for supremacy, it started with a clearly defined and inspiring goal: Land a man on the moon by the end of the decade.

John Schwartz references John Logsdon, a space program historian, who noted four conditions were required to land on the moon, arguably humankind’s greatest achievement.

  1. Powerful stimulus – a “singular act that would force action that you could not ignore”
  2. Leaders empowered to direct the necessary resources to meet the goal on a “war-like basis”
  3. Deep pockets – people, financial, technology
  4. An objective that was “technically feasible”

The metaphor can be easily extended to any fundamental change or transformation initiative confronting a business leader or organization. What is your moonshot and what is your approach to achieving your goal?

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