The Value of a Promise Consistently Kept

The brand is an organization’s most valuable asset.

A bold statement? Sure. But approached as a business system, the brand can generate high-quality returns.

Despite this, many organizations regard brand as a marketing exercise that appears as a cost on their income statement. And (at least historically), the brand isn’t viewed as a hard, measurable asset that can be tracked and reported like sales, stock price or market share.

But as you’ll see in this book, this is far from true. Simply put, a brand is the value of a promise consistently kept. And approached as a business system, you can rightfully measure the value of your brand on your balance sheet.

After 35 years of witnessing the growing confusion between brand and marketing management, David is on a mission – to return brands to their status as assets. By sharing his perspective, he hopes to help business leaders unlock the power of their organization’s most valuable asset: the brand.

THE VALUE OF A PROMISE CONSISTENTLY KEPT distils decades of brand management experience into key insights and practical advice on how your organization can prosper from approaching your brand as an asset.

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