The Value of a Promise Consistently Kept


“With this book, Kincaid has drawn a line in the sand and issued a challenge: Are you prepared to face the realities of what it takes to truly build and nurture your brand? How are you going to motivate your entire organization (not just Marketing) to design, communicate, deliver, and innovate on your promise? If that sounds like too much of an inconvenience, maybe you shouldn’t read this book.”

Charlie Sharman – Chief Marketing Officer, Global Marketing KPMG

“In light of the huge market disruption facing business, this is a very insightful guide on a critical issue for leadership. Candid, practical, humorous – David’s front-line experience comes to the fore.”

Rob Assimakopoulos – Senior Vice-President, Chief Marketing Officer, CIBC

“I've known David for close to a decade and had the great pleasure to see him captivate many audiences with his deep knowledge and experience with growing brands. He is amazing in every way. His life is legendary. This book perfectly summarizes his knowledge is an entertaining way that will leave the reader feeling smarter and better. The best part of it all is that David reveals how to unlock the value of a brand. This is a FREE asset that many companies do not currently understand or assign value to. What a wonderful from gift from David to any leader. Thank you David for you and all you contribute to the world's understanding of how brands work.”

shane skillen – founder, hotspex

“A thought-provoking read about the power of a brand for an audience much wider than the chief marketing officer. Make this required reading for your entire C-Team, because your brands are prized possessions!”

michael downey – chief executive, lawn tennis association of great britain

“David Kincaid led a critical strategic re-focusing process for one of our portfolio companies and I have seen first-hand the power of his approach to brand management. This book is a must-read for anybody who is serious about building brand value that is integrated, sustainable, and measurable.”


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