Profitable Talent Management is Always Aligned with Brand Values

What do ‘brand’ and talent management’ have in common?

The term “brand” is one of the most misunderstood assets within an organization. Many of the brand’s custodians – company managers – are often misinformed about the brand’s core values and how they relate to human capital.

At Level5, we define brand as the value of a promise consistently kept™.

The way your company operates in the marketplace and workplace reflects its brand principles that can and should be used to manage all aspects of an organization.

So, How Does Brand Impact Talent?

Brand values can attract the right talent, as those candidates who share your organization’s values will naturally gravitate towards it.

By normalizing employees in the right behaviours that reflect your brand promise, your organization’s success can organically take care of itself. This is because your brand promise dictates hiring (and firing), training methods and behaviours required to create the desired customer experience.

And How Do You Use Your Brand to Attract and Hire Brand Talent?

Clarify your vision and combine it with your organization’s values. This will help translate the brand into hiring criteria and convert those values into competencies that align with the brand. 

Both are great fuel for helping managers develop questions that determine if candidates embody those values and have those competencies.

How Can Your Brand Nurture That Talent?

This is achieved by creating an “academy culture” with structure and processes that facilitate formal coaching.

Training academies support employees in delivering the brand and its promise in the market; and they decipher the brand into metrics towards the promotion of common values that enable employees to prioritize and make better decisions.

And Finally How Do You Use Your Brand to Assess and Reward Talent?

Employees generate value in a number of ways that doesn’t necessarily have a direct relationship to the bottom line.

For this reason, employees should be evaluated holistically by managers and peers to assess the employee’s detailed contribution and reinforce the brand’s values that improve the company’s long-term welfare.

Your brand is nurtured from the top down. It starts from the CEO. Learn more ways to build your brand, including engaging your team, with the brand strategy experts at Level5 Strategy. Contact us.

By Hua Yu, Managing Partner and Sylvia Palka Melo, Director

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