How do you improve on a brand that’s already one of the best?

Well, you don’t rest on your laurels. The landscape of brands competing for Canadian Tire’s customers had changed. An already hard-fought competitive set had been intensified by new entries, especially from south of the border. Level5 was invited to take a close look at the organization’s brand strategy.


With the President’s office, we put together a team of stakeholders to engage in an exploration of the brand, and how it fares in its fast-changing, competitive milieu. We conducted a thorough, fact-based assessment of the business, competition, consumers and Canadian Tire Retail itself. This included proprietary research using L5’s BrandMap™ process to identify the emotional and rational hot-spots where customers say that the company can differentiate and win. The leadership team aligned around the challenges that were identified, and the opportunities in view.


Research and analysis will make you smart, but it takes bravery to commit to action. The strategy we designed was nothing more than needed to be done for the business… and nothing less. Working with the Canadian Tire leadership team, we developed a clear and focused brand strategy, identified the drivers to give it staying power, and the roadmap to deliver it.


The organization acted on the assignment’s findings, grew the business, and made Canadian Tire ‘Marketer of the Year’. A new Brand Health and Wealth dashboard built by L5 now empowers management with an ‘always on’ view of the metrics as they happen. The Canadian Tire Retail leadership team is committed to driving the strategy, and the results speak for themselves – CTC stock is up!


How do you improve on the best?
You get better.