Does a humanitarian organization require a brand strategy?


In an ever-changing healthcare landscape, it is more important that all stakeholders – patients, government, community, donors, the organization know what it stands for, and on what it stakes its reputation. Mount Sinai Hospital wanted to develop a deeper understanding of its strategy going forward to guide it where it wanted to go and better clarify with its stakeholders – particularly donors – why they should continue to support the brand.


LEVEL5 led a high level executive team representing the clinical, operational and developmental aspects of the organization in a deep dive into the marketplace and the ‘competitive’ set for Mount Sinai. L5’s BrandMap™ process was put to work to provide a view of the brand in the world where it lives. We supported it with fresh, new quantitative data, and subjected everything to conclusive analysis.


What emerged from the knowledge gained was a clear, focused understanding of how this branded healthcare leader needed to evolve to achieve its goals. Plans derive from being sure of who you are and where you want to go – and being prepared to put force of character into the task. Mount Sinai was energized and more than prepared to do this. The Executive team developed a strategy that provided clarity of purpose and direction. Feedback was sought from the broader Mount Sinai community, including quantitative research with the existing and potential donor groups. The feedback was Positive. Instructive. Actionable.


The clarity of purpose we have achieved has been an end in itself, as well as the means to it. One outcome of the project has been a set of answers to questions about the organization’s brand architecture – i.e. precisely where do a set of sub-brands stand in relation to the parent brand and how do we manage potential mergers and acquisitions?


The Mount Sinai brand continues to gather strength, and it’s exciting to be part of it.