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Beyond Level5:<br/> Maicky Meijberg

Beyond Level5

Beyond Level5:
Maicky Meijberg

Welcome to the first edition to Beyond Level5 – a mini-series highlighting the contributions of our Level5 team beyond their professional careers. From their roles in the boardroom to their volunteer work, stay tuned to see how our L5ers are making an impact beyond Level5.

Maicky Meijberg, Consultant
Beyond Level5, Maicky Meijberg, Consultant, is the President of CEP – a network for ESG professionals. Continue reading to find out more about his experience.

Why are you involved in this?

Outside of my role as a Consultant at Level5 I am active as the President of Connecting Environmental Professionals (CEP) Toronto. CEP is a national network of non-profits dedicated to bringing ESG professionals and enthusiasts together to collaborate, learn and drive action towards a more sustainable future.

To me, a sustainable future is one where, through innovation and adaptation, we can continue to live together on this planet in a comfortable and future-proof way. I have always been passionate about finding unique ways to contribute to this greater vision. At CEP, I get to make an impact by organizing a variety of ESG-focussed events that attract a broad and diverse audience across Toronto and inspire everyone in the room to take action.

Having an impact outside of my day-to-day job is very important for me. However, my involvement at CEP Toronto is much more than that. Through the work I do, I have the opportunity to engage with so many interesting people who challenge me to think differently and stay curious. These interactions with all sorts of passionate people give me a unique perspective that I bring into both my work and personal life.

What does this mean to you?

There is something very special about the ESG industry, where everyone is driven by a common purpose, and where people go above and beyond to help one another and the greater community. This sense of purpose and togetherness is something I am fortunate enough to witness in our CEP network, at each event and in our growing team of highly motivated volunteers. I am incredibly proud of our CEP Toronto team who continue to demonstrate that passion, conviction, and determination are powerful characteristics and catalysts for change.

Volunteering my time to CEP Toronto has had a positive impact on me in more ways than one. I would advise anyone who is considering doing volunteer work to pursue it, or to reach out to be convinced!


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