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Celebrating the Women of Level5: An IWD Spotlight

At Level5, our strength is our people, and that includes the amazing women who are an integral part of our company. To celebrate this special day, we conducted an interview to spotlight the incredible women of Level5.
Kathleen Kresky, VP Operations:

“Know your Why and Go All-In” (Part 2)

"Distractions are a recipe for failure in a transformation. One solution to this lies in setting the most aggressive timelines possible."
Joseph Smith
Kathleen Kresky, VP Operations:

“Know your Why and Go All-In” (Part 1)

"Leading transformation is a bit like being the conductor of an orchestra. Although I don’t have to know how to play every instrument, I have to understand what those instruments are capable and not capable of doing."
Joseph Smith
Seanna Millar, SVP, Corporate and Community Partnerships:

Storytelling, Fundraising, & Social Impact

"My upbringing really defined me. From a very young age, it was apparent to me that my parents were very involved in volunteerism, they were chairs of boards, and volunteers at many organizations and non-profits."
Hua Yu