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Our goal is to highlight real stories and recognition of achievements through meaningful engagement, and facilitate authentic conversations to support, empower and inspire fellow Women in Strategy.


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Interview - Krista Wright:

Building Success Together:
Krista Wright’s Journey with
Polar Bears International

March 7, 2024
When Krista Wright joined Polar Bears International as a volunteer, she never imagined making it her career. Now, nearly two decades on, Krista leads the organization as its Executive Director. Her journey to this point has been shaped by meaningful experiences and career-defining decisions.
Interview - Suzie Yorke:

Connecting the Dots:
How Suzie Yorke Used Her Life and Experience to Launch Two Successful Start-Ups

December 6, 2023
Level5’s Women in Strategy team sat down with Suzie Yorke, founder of Love Good Fats and The Better Chocolate, where she shared insights on the evolving professional landscape, the power of authentic storytelling, and the strategic acumen she developed through her diverse experiences.

Why is it important to create dedicated spaces for women in strategy?

August 30, 2023
Following the launch of our Women in Strategy initiative, we asked the women of Level5 to share their perspective on why it is important to create a dedicated space for women in strategy.

Women in Strategy Executive Panel Highlights

August 10, 2023
In June, as part of Level5’s new Women in Strategy initiative, we had the privilege of hosting an Executive Panel, which brought together over 30 women from various industries, including retail, entertainment, financial services, construction, real estate, lottery, CPG, and regulators.

International Women’s Day Spotlight: Women of Level5

March 8, 2023
At Level5, our strength is our people, and that includes the amazing women who are an integral part of our company. To celebrate this special day, we conducted an interview to spotlight the incredible women of Level5.
Patrice Oliveira
Seanna Millar
Interview - Seanna Millar:

Storytelling, Fundraising, & Social Impact

April 13, 2022
"My upbringing really defined me. From a very young age, it was apparent to me that my parents were very involved in volunteerism, they were chairs of boards, and volunteers at many organizations and non-profits."
Hua Yu

Five Essential Insights on Leading an SME in the Post-Pandemic Marketplace

November 25, 2021
Earlier this year, Level5 Strategy Managing Partner Hua Yu hosted a three-part series with SME founders and CEOs to discuss how they’ve led their businesses and what insights they have about success in the post-pandemic market.
Hua Yu
Interview - Kathleen Kresky:

“Know your Why and Go All-In” (Part 2)

August 25, 2021
"Distractions are a recipe for failure in a transformation. One solution to this lies in setting the most aggressive timelines possible."
Joseph Smith
Interview - Kathleen Kresky:

“Know your Why and Go All-In” (Part 1)

August 4, 2021
"Leading transformation is a bit like being the conductor of an orchestra. Although I don’t have to know how to play every instrument, I have to understand what those instruments are capable and not capable of doing."
Joseph Smith
A photo of Gail Lord, co-founder & president of Lord Cultural Resources
Interview - Gail Lord:

“Making the world a better place through ‘Soft Power’” (Part 2)

July 20, 2021
In Part 2, we learn about the gender, racial and ethnic imbalances specific to the museum sector; and the fundamental responsibility that museums, as public cultural institutions, play in promoting healthy and thriving communities.
Hua Yu

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