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“If you keep your ideas and opinions to yourself, your team and firm loses out on your unique perspective and valuable insights.”

Employee Interview - Michael Luu

“If you keep your ideas and opinions to yourself, your team and firm loses out on your unique perspective and valuable insights.”

Can you tell us about your role at Level5 and what drew you to the firm?

I recently celebrated my two-year anniversary with Level5 this past March. What initially brought me to the firm was its intimate environment as a boutique consultancy. Having worked at both a large organization and a start-up, I’ve come to realize what I like and don’t like in a workplace.

At Level5, I found the best of both worlds—a chance to work with large organizations while embracing an agile and innovative approach. The boutique nature of the firm fosters a space to build strong relationships and allows consultants to chart their own paths.

What sparked your interest in consulting, and what aspects of the job do you enjoy the most?

When I was looking at potential career paths, I reflected on what I enjoyed most during my academic experience. I was heavily involved in my program’s case competition team, starting out as a competitor and later on being asked to coach. I saw the similarities between case competitions and consulting, specifically in solving complex business problems, understanding nuances, and working in teams to develop and present practical solutions. The role correlated with my values and what I enjoyed, which is why I decided to pursue consulting.

My natural curiosity has led me to always ask “why”. Consulting offers the opportunity to explore our clients’ problems and objectives to identify suitable recommendations that are appropriate to their situation.

In addition, I get bored very easily. A typical 9-5 with repetitive tasks does not inspire me to do my best work. With consulting, I’ve been able to wear multiple hats where no two days are the same. My competitive nature enjoys the challenging environment, and it allows me to present the best version of myself.

Lastly, I am always looking for opportunities to learn and grow, and consulting has provided me with an accelerated environment to cultivate that. It has given me exposure to diverse industries, teams, clients, and problems. The trust my teammates and leaders have placed in me opens doors to continuously learn and grow—a journey that I personally enjoy.

How would you describe the culture at Level5?

The way I would describe the culture at the firm is authentic. While we don’t bring our full weekend selves to work, Level5 creates an open and honest space where we can be ourselves and bring our unique perspectives to the job.

While everyone here may come from different professional and educational backgrounds and have different passions, when it comes to the work, the people here are practical, smart, and hardworking. The diversity of individuals here makes us a better team.

What accomplishments are you most proud of?

The most fulfilling part of my work is seeing the tangible impact my team has been able to make for our clients. Whether it manifests through a client’s marketing efforts, or comes through in their quarterly reports, seeing the results reaffirms the significance of my role.

I take great pride in being acknowledged as a valuable member of both our organization and the teams I work with.

How have you grown professionally since joining Level5?

My professional growth has been exponential since joining Level5. The firm’s diverse range of projects and industries has broadened my skill set and deepened my knowledge in various subjects. Collaborating with experienced colleagues has provided me with invaluable learning opportunities, enabling me to refine my strategic thinking and expand my perspectives. Level5’s environment has played a pivotal role in my ongoing personal and professional development.

What advice would you give to younger employees?

My advice to younger employees is to embrace their voices and not be afraid to speak up. It’s crucial to remember that your firm hired you for a reason – the people that brought you in believe in your potential and capabilities. If you keep your ideas and opinions to yourself, your team and firm loses out on your unique perspective and valuable insights.

Also, Imposter Syndrome is a very real thing and everyone experiences it, regardless of level or tenure. Understand that you’re not going through it alone and acknowledge all the great work and value you bring to the firm. Don’t let it hold you back from performing at your job and showing off how capable you are.

Don’t forget to enjoy the journey and have fun with it!


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