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Hua Yu

Managing Partner

As a Level5 Managing Partner, Hua Yu is passionate about uncovering and actioning high-impact growth opportunities by helping clients identify and understand their ethnic consumers.

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About Hua

With over 30 years of professional experience in marketing, finance, and management consulting in Canada, the US, and China, Hua is highly regarded as a Canadian industry leader in multicultural strategy and a trailblazing role model for women professionals of all backgrounds.

Originally from Shanghai, China, Hua kicked off her career with the launch of Seagram’s Wine Coolers in China, successfully introducing a new product to local consumers. After moving to New York City to pursue a Masters’s Degree in Communications, Hua accumulated experience working with senior US government officials on telecom projects and later launched two successful IPOs for prominent Chinese companies on the US stock market.

In 2005, Hua joined Level5 Strategy and eventually became the Managing Partner in 2011.

Hua helps organizations achieve long-term sustainable growth through:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Multicultural Strategy
  • Market-Entry
  • Growth Strategy
  • People Strategy

Beyond Level5

  • Advisor for the Leap Pecaut Centre for Social Impact’s Equity Opportunity Initiative
  • Original co-founder of #WeWorkingWomen, a dynamic digital community with over 100,000 subscribers in North America and China
  • Creator of “Turn Lemon Into Lemonade” Podcast, the top 1% global most popular podcast by Listen Notes.
  • Finalist for the Canada China Business Council’s 5 of 50 Initiative, recognizing individuals in five categories who have helped Canada benefit over the past 50 years
  • Named in the Top 50 Women Leaders in Toronto by Women We Admire in 2023


  • BA in International Business from Shanghai University
  • MA in Communication Arts from the New York Institute of Technology

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