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Level5 2022 Summer Reading Roundup (Part 2)


Level5 2022 Summer Reading Roundup (Part 2)

As we‘ve shared recently, books play a vital role in our lives at Level5, and we love sharing our recommendations with each other. This week, we have book recommendations curated by Founder David Kincaid, who is the best-selling author of The Brand-Driven CEO, Managing Partner and President Michael Carter, and Managing Partner Hua Yu, who also hosts the popular Chinese language podcast “Turn Lemons Into Lemonade.”

Our Toronto team has a regular office book club, and during the pandemic, shared reads were how many of us stayed connected. This edition of our summer reading roundup offers a look into thought-provoking issues and ideas our team has been exploring as of late, enjoy!

David Kincaid

Founder & Chair

Nine Lies About Work by Marcus Buckingham and Ashley Goodall

My most recent summer read has been Nine Lies About Work by strengths guru and bestselling author Marcus Buckingham and Cisco Leadership and Team Intelligence head Ashley Goodall.

I picked this one because it deals with the importance of creating a company culture, recognizing the individual strengths and the cohesiveness of your team. And the question of which comes first?

It’s very relatable and it called to me because it’s very applicable to Level5 as it moves on to its next chapter. Ultimately, it’s a call to leaders to align to people’s sense of purpose and meaning.

Hua Yu

Managing Partner

The Image – A Guide to Pseudo-Events in America by Daniel J. Boorstin

First published in 1962, this book provides a fresh and relevant insight into today’s celebrity culture and how the use of manufactured “pseudo-events” shapes our world.

It’s an interesting and insightful diagnosis of our image-laden world and how mass communications and media saturation tell us how to see and listen and think. The book examines the self-obsession of modern America and the whole empire of image building, from influencers to advertising to PR.

Michael Carter, Managing Partner & PresidentMichael Carter

Managing Partner, President

Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey

Entertaining, thought provoking, funny and perhaps a little bit crazy are all words I would use to describe this book. Reading a book written by Matthew McConaughey would have been at the bottom of my reading list, but am I ever glad my daughter told me to move it to the top. His perspective on life, himself and his surroundings is quite refreshing. I found myself rereading many passages and writing down several pearls of wisdom for future consumption. That’s right, pearls of wisdom from Matthew McConaughey.

One of my favourites:

“We are not here to tolerate our differences; we are here to accept them. We are not here to celebrate our sameness; we are here to salute our distinctions. We are not born into equal circumstances, or with equal abilities, but we should have equal opportunity. As individuals, we unite in our values. Celebrate that.”

McConaughey is a great storyteller that forces you to think about your own ups and downs as you join him on a wild ride of his own. I am a huge fan of patience, perseverance and perspective, all things this book speaks volumes about. The title says it all. Life is about catching more green lights and realizing that you have a say in how the yellows and reds turn out. This book will surprise you, I promise.


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