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Seizing My Moment: Bringing My Best to Level5

Employee Spotlight - Alexa Nick

Seizing My Moment: Bringing My Best to Level5

This is my moment. It’s one of those personal and professional moments when things fall into place in a way that brings meaning to everything you have done up until now. When timing, experience and expertise collide with clarity and purpose.

I am fortunate to be one of the newest members of the Level5 team and be given the opportunity to help shape its culture, enhance its impact and grow its presence.

It’s a unique moment because I have the opportunity to truly merge the best of my experience working in the trenches with clients and teams on large scale consulting projects alongside my experience starting, building and growing entrepreneurial ventures. My passion is working with clients who see that I have walked in their shoes – both in terms of bringing a holistic approach to complex, organization change and in terms of bringing the scrappy, can-do mindset to grow and build a business.

My early career at Kearney was foundational. I cut my teeth on large-scale M&A strategy and integration work and really learned what it meant to be a ‘hard-core’ consultant. I dedicated myself to learn ferociously, to prove my abilities and to build a strong reputation. When I had my daughter, I decided it was time to ‘deliver on the threat’ to be more entrepreneurial. In 2007, I launched my first business, myPractice, a virtual learning platform focused on elevating the customer experience. I had the good fortune to have the experience of pitching to investors and building a business from the ground up. This was my moment to realize the value of a strong network. This led me to sell the business in 2010 to BottomLine Group, an exciting and emerging boutique consultancy, allowing me to pivot as a Partner to help build and grow that business.


In 2017, we merged with Optimus SBR, where I became a Partner and Practice Lead for the Diversified Industries Group and capability lead for strategy, organization and learning and enablement. My 15-year journey of starting, building and growing business culminated in an exit and a return to traditional management consulting when I joined Deloitte to build Deloitte Private Consulting which focused on serving mid-market and private clients. This was full circle for me as I realized how much our clients valued my entrepreneurial perspective and the ability to bring transformation capabilities to them. I continue to build my network of great clients and wonderful colleagues at Deloitte. e.g. But during the COVID-19 pandemic, like so many others I began to reconsider what I wanted to focus on and how.

The pandemic has only amplified the need for innovation and creativity to drive economic growth and I fundamentally believe that the foundation of our future economy is entrepreneurship. I have dedicated over 10 years to the cause of Entrepreneurship through my involvement in the Morrissette Institute for Entrepreneurship at Western (powered by Ivey). And I began looking for a way to focus more of my attention on this mission, of helping mid-market and private clients unlock the growth that future jobs need.

So now in this moment, the stars are aligned for me to continue to bring my unique skill set to the fast-growing team at Level5, an established 20-year boutique consultancy whose leaders have always been in my orbit and who, like me, are also management consultants that see and do things differently. We share the entrepreneurial approach of being business and team builders, who appreciate that the competitive advantage of a business is its people. It is indeed like coming home.

Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of working side-by-side with Canadian business leaders and emerging entrepreneurs, and I look forward to continuing to support their strategic and transformation efforts under the Level5 banner.

To read the press release of Alexa’s announcement, click here.


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