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That’s a Wrap! A Reflection of My Summer Internship Experience at Level5


That’s a Wrap! A Reflection of My Summer Internship Experience at Level5

During my summer internship, I had the opportunity to work with a national retail client and a provincial Crown corporation, as well as a local community centre on a pro-bono project, learning by actively participating and taking ownership of parts of the client deliverables. This included a research-intensive competitor analysis, strategy validation focus groups with senior-level managers, a pitch presentation for a new client with Level5’s founder David Kincaid, and countless PowerPoint slides. One major highlight was the opportunity to deliver a presentation on the work I completed for the local community centre project in front of our client, their board, and the entire Level5 team! Not only did I gain valuable experience, I was able to add value during my time at Level5.

It’s not only the projects and work that make Level5 unique. Teams are flat and collaborative, with senior-level managers and partners listening to your opinions and insights, resulting in a cohesive team that works across titles. Consultants who aren’t even part of the project are happy to lend their time and expertise in helping to collaborate on ideas and solutions. My mentor was a constant source of guidance and support, both personally and professionally. Our regular smoothie dates helped me identify opportunities for growth and development.

I had the opportunity to contribute not only on client projects, but also to the firm and culture itself, playing an active part in summer events such as the Women in Consulting panel and the L5 Open House.

Though it’s only been four months, it feels like much longer from when I first walked through the Level5 office. The familiarity that you get from a small but highly efficient team of 25 is unique here, where there’s a balance of hard work, fun, and friends. On a given Thursday afternoon, everyone gets together to catch up, act out movies in a game of charades, and listen to Neil’s latest Drake playlist. Whether through impromptu lunches at the sunny park benches along King Street or CSR initiatives with a local children’s summer camp, there is a sense of inclusion, camaraderie, and support. This translates into the work as well, where there is a diversity of interesting, high calibre clients.

The problem-solving, critical thinking, and teamwork that I expected in consulting were exactly what I had exposure to at Level5, plus so much more. I found the ease of friends and colleagues who enjoy work and life, impromptu 2×2 whiteboarding, and the fun that permeates through the hard work and impactful results.

By: Selina Phan, Analyst Intern and Richard Wang, Analyst



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