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Managing Partner

Matt Kelly

“The difference between good and great branded
business is that great brands truly understand
what drives behavior. I help organizations
develop and consistently deliver a powerful
brand experience.”

Matt Kelly image

Professional Bio

As a Managing Partner, Matt has had the opportunity
to do what he loves for over 15 years. He works
alongside clients to help grow their business by
understanding and aligning to what really drives
value in the marketplace they compete in. With deep
insight, he and his team help clients craft and
operationalize a compelling brand promise that aligns
teams and drives growth – revenue, margin, and profit.
It is with that confidence that Matt ensures his team is
equipped and motivated to deliver on that promise.

Matt is passionate about his contribution to the
charitable sector and is particularly guided by
his keen interest within environmental, healthcare
and mental health initiatives. As a keynote speaker,
Matt has been invited to speak at the China High
Speed Rail Summit. He is a regular contributor to
BNN and the Globe & Mail Report on Business and is
an advisor to SoulBuffalo Expeditions.

Matt brings a wealth of expertise and pursuit of
deep and meaningful insight in the areas of:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand-Driven Change Initiatives
  • Customer Experience
  • Culture
  • Strategic Planning
  • Communication Planning
  • Master Facilitation

As an environmental advocate, Matt is passionate
about nature and the protection of the environment.
He is a dedicated family man, news junkie and
adventure travel seeker.

Previous Experience

  • Prior to joining Level5, Matt led the creation and
    implementation of brand-driven strategies for
    organizations of all sizes and sectors across the

    • SVP Marketing at KFC USA
    • SVP at Yum! Brands Europe
    • CMO at Yum! Brands Canada
    • Senior leadership roles at PepsiCo, Kraft
      Foods and Unilever Canada

    Matt has been honoured with the Yum!
    Chairman’s Global Award for Leadership,
    and the Tricon Canada Award for Brand and
    Marketing Leadership.


David received his BA (Hons) in Political Studies
at Queen’s University and has studied Strategic
Leadership at the Kellogg School of Business.