Strategic Partnerships: Reaching Shared Objectives

Consumers increasingly expect brands to take action on social issues, requiring authentic collaboration to realize meaningful impact.

As leaders aim to be more involved in the process and adopt an authentic approach to achieving purpose-driven objectives, many are looking to Strategic Partnerships.

Partnerships go beyond traditional philanthropy by leveraging the competencies and unique value that an organization can bring to the table. When brands engage in a partnership, they create mutual benefits to achieve shared objectives while also accepting shared risk.

Our Approach to Strategic Partnerships

Level5 cultivates strategic partnerships with and for our clients by adopting approaches that extract value from both brands to reach shared objectives.

Most recently, we have worked with TVO, a social impact digital learning organization to unlock mutual value and drive growth. Historically, TVO sought funding from brands for specific programs. Level5 worked with TVO’s leadership to start from an understanding of the core issues that TVO is seeking to address through its programming, and articulating the value exchange that would help to advance progress on these issues.

“Level5’s approach to Strategic Partnerships helped us from initial ideation through to going to market. Level5 used a methodical approach to ensure appropriate breadth of ideation while remaining focused on a strategy that would deliver the most impactful results for our partners and ourselves.” – Jeffrey L. Orridge, CEO.

“As a multimedia platform organization focused on learning, TVO is prioritizing sustainability, the future of work, and inclusion as we seek partners to achieve shared objectives. Protecting the environment, setting young people up for future success, and creating inclusive communities are all issues that impact the ability of individuals and communities to reach their potential.” – Jeffrey L. Orridge, CEO.

Reaching Shared Objectives

Is your brand looking to achieve purpose-driven goals? Are these issues that you care about? Do you want to be actively involved and engaged in a mutually beneficial partnership that delivers on shared objectives?

TVO can help your brand amplify existing initiatives, connect with communities, and reach purpose-driven goals. By leveraging TVO’s trusted equity and credible channels that have reach across all stages of life, brands can target unique audiences to make a shared impact.

Contact Matt Kelly, Laura Richard, or Erika Siegert to learn more about how your brand can partner with TVO.

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