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Beyond Level5:<br/> Sean Pavlidis

Beyond Level5

Beyond Level5:
Sean Pavlidis

Beyond Level5, Sean Pavlidis, Principal, is a Member of the Board of Directors at Abilities Centre, a community hub and inclusion incubator in Durham Region that helps people with disabilities unlock their full potential. Continue reading to learn more about Sean’s experience.

Sean Pavlidis, Principal

Why are you involved in this?

Abilities Centre’s mission of “Reimagining accessibility and redefining the way Canadians live, work & play” is one that really resonates with me. I admire their dedication to helping the local community and their ambitious aspirations for a national and global impact. The organization isn’t afraid to tackle big issues head-on and lead systemic change. With my background as a management consultant that focuses on growth, I saw an opportunity to leverage my unique skills to meaningfully contribute to support the Abilities Centre on this journey.

What does this mean to you?

Being part of Abilities Centre means a lot to me, especially when I’ve been so fortunate in my personal journey. Inclusivity and accessibility are vital for us to continue to grow as a society. Raising two young kids has caused me to think a lot about the future and the world I want to leave behind for the next generation. I think it’s important to pitch in where I can in supporting Ability Centre’s vision where they strive to build “a better, barrier-free life for all Canadians.”

Serving on the Board allows me to apply the skills and capabilities I have developed to make a positive impact on my community and help fellow Canadians, while at the same time learning how to apply these important principles in my own firm from experts who champion them.


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