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Delivering Successful Post-Merger Integrations


Delivering Successful Post-Merger Integrations

Post-merger integrations are incredibly challenging undertakings. They’re demanding on leadership, unsettling for employees and unfortunately, despite the investment and effort, they are also overwhelmingly unsuccessful.

Let’s face it, people inherently don’t like change. The failure rate of mergers and acquisitions is higher than 70 per cent – and that was pre-COVID. As the Harvard Business Review points out, “Mergers and Acquisitions are notoriously difficult in any environment and post-COVID, they may be even harder.”

This high failure rate is the result of the many incredibly complex tasks involved, the numerous factors that shape and influence the trajectory of the integration and that the various stakeholders are all looking for something different from the integration.

For example, two companies integrating may need to align on one operating model (an incredibly complex and cross functional undertaking); address the impact of the differences in regional footprints, customer experience and expectations, brand equity, team culture and systems technology. These are just some of what needs to come together for the integration to be successful.

To actually realize the value intended by the integration requires thoughtful planning and a strategic framework different from the norm.

This is why Level5 Strategy has developed an approach which takes a uniquely stakeholder-centric lens to transformation. We put people at the center of the framework, because we recognize that ultimately it’s people who will design, implement, and be affected by the changes brought about by the merger.

In Delivering Successful Post-Merger Integrations, Michael Carter and Jordan Shapiro share their in-depth perspectives, along with Level5 Strategy’s 20 years of experience, in helping leaders better understand how to plan for and execute a successful post-merger integration.

Michael and Jordan share insights from the stakeholder-centric lens used by Level5 Strategy during large scale post-merger integrations – one that is built on putting people at the center of the process while maintaining a consistent brand promise to all of them.

They also outline four key transformational outcomes driven by the Level5 Strategy approach and explore how these pillars should be integrated to help companies consistently keep their promise through intense periods of post-merger change.

Download Delivering Successful Post-Merger Integrations to learn more.



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