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The Brand-Driven CEO: <br/>A Behind-The-Scenes Look (Part 4) – The Purpose


The Brand-Driven CEO:
A Behind-The-Scenes Look (Part 4) – The Purpose

Is your brand in touch with the next generation of consumers?

In Part 4 of his interview, Level5 Strategy Founder David Kincaid shares another excerpt from his book, “The Brand-Driven CEO,” to underline the importance of listening to younger consumers who seek information to make informed purchases.

As shoppers become more informed, they ask better and different types of questions such as, “Does your company engage in child labour?” or “Do you have management diversity?”

If brands don’t listen to these questions, they’ll miss opportunities to grow, stay advantaged in the market and offer new products and services to consumers.

The Brand‑Driven CEO: Embedding Brand Into Business Strategy is available from the following retailers:

University of Toronto Press:

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