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Promises, Kept. <br/>Episode 1: The Value of a Promise Consistently Kept™


Promises, Kept.
Episode 1: The Value of a Promise Consistently Kept™

In this new season of Strategy Lounge by Level5, Managing Partner Matt Kelly speaks with David Kincaid, Founder of Level5 Strategy and best-selling author of The Brand-Driven CEO, about Level5 Strategy’s foundational business philosophy – that the most successful organizations embrace the ‘value of a promise consistently kept™’.

In this first episode, David discusses the surprising origin of the concept, what it means for leaders and how it can create sustainable competitive advantage. Whether you lead a B2B, B2C, government or not-for-profit organization, David and Matt discuss a very fresh and unique perspective on how to leverage your brand and the promise you make to the marketplace to drive growth – enhance your reputation, drive financial results, build culture and organization alignment and deliver a better customer experience.

Check out David Kincaid’s book The Brand-Driven CEO on the University of Toronto Press website. You can also find it on Amazon.


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