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The Brand-Driven CEO: <br/>A Behind-The-Scenes Look (Part 3) – The Change


The Brand-Driven CEO:
A Behind-The-Scenes Look (Part 3) – The Change

In Part 3 of his interview, Level5 Strategy Founder David Kincaid leans on excerpts from his book, “The Brand-Driven CEO,” to emphasize the importance of shifting your value proposition during accelerated change and aligning with consumers’ evolving needs.

David highlights that COVID-19 is backing many CEOs into a corner where they’re compelled to ask themselves the following question: “Are we going to continue making our products in the same old way, or are we going to listen to the market and build a brand?”

The Brand‑Driven CEO: Embedding Brand Into Business Strategy is available from the following retailers:

University of Toronto Press:

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