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We have deep experience helping clients accelerate growth in the lottery, gaming, and sports sectors.

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Michael Carter

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Recent Thought Leadership


Level5 Perspective:

Rethinking the Lottery Proposition: New Players, New Realities, New Dreams

November 30, 2023
With younger Canadians 1/3 less likely to play the lottery, Efram Lebovits, Laura Richard, Evin Demirli, and Andrei Flueraru dive into the evolving dynamics and discuss what this means for the future of lotteries in our latest edition of The Level5 Strategy Perspective.
Efram Lebovits, Laura Richard, Andrei Flueraru, Evin Demirli
In the Media:

Playing to Win: The Ideal Sportsbook Brand in a Nascent, Crowded Market

June 22, 2023
As the legal market for online gaming in Ontario moves into its second year, the market experiences growth and stability. With anticipated brand consolidation, exits, and new provincial markets opening up, the question arises: How will the dozens of competitive sportsbooks set themselves apart?
Jordan Shapiro, Laura Richard
Article Header
Perspective Paper:

Opportunities for Increasing North American Lottery Sales Among Younger Consumers

October 14, 2022
Gen Z and Millennial consumers are re-shaping industries with their habits and preferences – and industries must adopt new strategies and approaches to attract and retain these customers. The lottery sector is no exception.
Efram Lebovits, Laura Richard, Evin Demirli

The Medium is the Message

October 12, 2022
For the lottery industry to maintain success, balance is needed in terms of sales channels – both adapting to digital and maintaining physical brick-and-mortar offerings. 
Efram Lebovits

How the Lottery Industry Can Embrace Gen Y & Z: Relevance and Purpose

October 3, 2022
“Gen Y and Z habits and preferences are causing rapid change across sectors, which leaders I work with in the lottery sector are proactively embracing to secure the sector’s future.”
Efram Lebovits

Continuing Success in the Lottery Industry: Embracing Gen Y & Z

September 22, 2022
Public sources and our own Level5 data indicate that when younger players do become engaged with the lottery some exhibit strong play behaviours.
Efram Lebovits

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